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The beauty of Jelly Fish is shown in this photo of a pregnant Jelly Fish making her way to the top of the tank. How do we know it is a "pregnant" Jelly Fish? Look real closely and you will see some dark spots inside. The photos below will show this much more clearly.

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A JELLY FISH swims merrily along the way. What a wondrous creature the jelly fish are to be so illusive, so fancy and frilly and made of 90% water! They are such beauties to watch as they swim their way through the waters.

Look closely at this Jelly Fish. Those black spots are eggs. The eggs are clear and easy to see as the mother swims about the tank. To learn more about Jelly Fish and other sea life at the aquarium check out the URL below in our links section and visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium Home Page.

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