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Are You Prepared in Case of Emergencies?

Living Without Electricity

Think for just a moment about our modern living and what our typical day is like.

You awaken in the morning, step out onto a nice floor. How did it get there?

You have light in any room with the flip of a switch.
How did it get there? How does it work? Why does it work?

Running water is there at the twist of a knob.
How did it get there? How does it work?

The toilet is flushed with the push of a lever. (how did it get there? How does it work?)

The water we shower in is heated by electric or gas water
heaters. (how does it get in there? How does it work?)

We cook our food on an electric or gas stove.
(how was the stove made? How does it work?)
We launder our clothes via electricity. (how does
it get to the house? How does it work?)
We vacuum our floors with a vacuum cleaner that does
the job very well. How does this machine do the job?
What makes it work?

We have a radio, TV, CD player, VCR, Satellite, or
other forms of entertainment achieved via the use of
electricity. How do they work? What makes it work?

Now, imagine the same house, same living conditions except
for the fact you do not have electricity and running water.
How are you going to survive?

What is the first things you need to consider?
A) How long of a period of time is this going to be?
B) What means of emergency shelter do you have right now?

1) Personal Cleanliness:
a) bathroom facilities
b) washing hands
c) showering

2) Family Cleanliness:
a) washing dishes
b) laundry

3) Food Storage
a) freezer
b) refrigerator

4) Food Preparation
a) food preparation
b) storage of perishables

5) Lighting
a) flashlights/candles
b) camping lanterns
c) generator

6) Toilet Flushing
a) water to the toilet, is it accessible?
b) what is your weather like?
c) Can you use rainwater?

Water. This is one of the basics for survival. Do you have
water near your home? A river, creek, pond? Can you carry water
to the house? Is it drinkable? If not how will you get it that
way? If not drinkable, can it be used for laundry, dishes and
flushing toilets? Can it be used for showers? How can you flush
your toilet without running water to the house?

Below are links to help you learn what to do in the event of an
emergency. None of these sites, that I know of are selling
products. If they are, they have good solid information you can
learn from. I do not beleive in listing oodles of selling URL's.
When it comes to purchasing food for storage, or other places, I
feel we all already know at least 10 places and/or people just
waiting to take our dollars.

Follow this link to read some what others have done to survive without electricity. Experiences from those who have lived without electricity.

Emergency Links Helps for any disaster.

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