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Oregon Weather!

Our Weather

(Oregon Weather, Winter of 1998-1999)

. Below are some of the things we love about Oregon. Most of the wildlife was either living in our own back yard, in the case of the white turkey, in a neighbors yard. The Elk Calf was from Dean's Creek Wildlife Range. Cape Blanco Light House cannot be left out! If you want to see things like this, take a trip along Highway 101 through Oregon.

Battle Rock Park in Port Orford, Oregon. Elk Calf, Dean's Creek Wildlife Reservation. Turkey in a yard in Port Orford, Oregon Another view of Battle Rock State Park in Port Orford, Oregon. This guy was so tame he put his head inside our back door to beg for food! Our favorites, born just outside our back yard in Port Orford! These are only 2 of the 12 quail we had in our front yard in Port Orford. Cape Blanco Light House near Port Orford, Oregon.

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110 days of non-ending rain! Listing to the rythm of the falling rain for that many days, can make you go crazy! Read on, and be assured that it does not always rain like it did during this particular time, in Oregon!

We've listened to the sound of constant, driving, rain
'Till now it's embedded deep within our brains!
We fall asleep listening to it every single night
Though it's something we just don't like!
Rain won't you quit and let that warm sunshine through?
We love the sunshine, yes, we do!
Gray skies, clouds and rain make life so dreary and cold.
Sunshine's so wonderful, we are told!

Yes, we live where it is lush and green!
The land is filled with flowers, rivers, lakes and streams.
We couldn't have this without some of this rain,
Just the same!

"> But now the hills are sliding down, filling up our roads!
Mud, rock & debris make travel slow.
We've been stranded without phone, water and electricity!
We're walking in mud up to our knees!
"Someday", they say, we will see the sunshine,
I hope that will be in our life time!
Until then we'll have to live with all of this rain!
And dream of the sunshine we'll have someday!

Yes, we live where it is lush and green!
The land is filled with flowers, rivers, lakes and streams.
We couldn't have this without some of this rain,
Just the same!

Now if you'd just bottle up some of your own sunshine
And send it here, we would think you're alright .
We love to feel the warmth of sunshine upon our face
And feel we're part of the human race!
We walk and waddle just like ducks,
Silly, but that's our luck!
While rain drops keep falling on our heads
We'll be in water above our necks!....
Maybe even above our heads!.....
Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!.....

Lyrics written by Vicki Fotheringham Feb. 25, 1999. No permission is given to reproduce without first obtaining permission from the author. E-mail me here

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YIPPEEEEE!!! I saw a hint of sunshine poking through the clouds! Wanna Dance, shout and jump with me?!!!

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We have been pounded with rain, wind, snow & hail this past year, more than any before. However through all this, we still feel the Pacific Northwest is the best place in the entire United States of America, maybe even the world!

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