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Patterns for Premature to 12 Month Infants

Thank you for your continued support.

These are our most popular patterns!

1) Jumpsuit
One piece, raglan sleeved, outfit. Comparable to the sleeper commonly found in more expensive lines. Opens from the back neck to the ankle for easy dressing and changing. Short or long sleeve options, short or long leg options, footed or non-footed.

2) Holi-Daysuit
One piece, set-in sleeve outfit. Made for showing baby off! Front from just above baby's waist is made of print woven or knit fabric. Sleeves, choose long or short, match front bodice. Back and lower front made of solid knit. Zipper opens from back neck to ankle. It has ribbed neck and sleeve openings. You can also choose long or short legs and sleeves. It also has the added "Vest". making it look as if the baby is wearing a vest over a shirt. Great made in wh ite as a Blessing Outfit.

3) Hooded Bath Bag
A gown with a hood. One piece, raglan sleeved gown with a front opening from neck to hem. You don't have to include the hood. Not intended as a sleep gown. If it is made as a bath towel, the hood is great, but you really do not want preemies sleeping in hooded outfits, if you can prevent it, unless they are in a carseat, or an infant seat where they will not be moving around a lot. Their faces can become covered, which riles many newborns and makes them upset. The bag is styled with a closed in bottom. Baby stays cozy warm. Options allow for no hood.

4) Undershirt
A pull over the neck shirt that is designed with cross-over fronts tacked down. No snaps, no ties, no velcro! These are a pain to deal with when it comes to babies. The neck opens as wide as the hem can stretch. Long or short sleeve options. Easy to pull on or off even a small Preemie!

5) Shirt Group
Raglan and set-in sleeve styles, both pull-overs. Both have ribbed neck, sleeve and hems.

6) Pant Group
Both footed and non-footed styles. All are elastic waist. Chose long leg or short leg styles, ribbed cuff, sewn hem, or footed.

7) T-Dress and bonnet
T-Shirt style bodice fits just above waist. Has fully, gathered, skirt, with choice of one simple skirt or tierred. Lace may be added. Long or short dress length. Long or short, elasticized sleeves. Bonnet fits around head, with ribbon tie under chin. Choice of ruffles or no ruffles in bonnet brim front and back. (Non ruffled bonnet can be used for boys hats).

8) Bath towel, Wash Cloths, Diapers and Receiving Blankets.
Wrap around towel 36" X 36" and 8" wash cloths. Rec. Blankets 36" square and 45" square, and fold to fit diapers for Preemies, and Newborn through toddler years. Make them with cotton flannel, or cotton interlock knits. Great and much less costly than buying!

9) Baby sheets to fit any size bed.
Clear instructions how to make sheets to fit any size mattress. Would also work for adult beds, not just infants. Elasticized all around so the sheet will stay in place and not sag and bag.

10) Quilts and covers for baby.
Easy, Patch Work quilt instructions. Make use of scraps or make from newly purchased fabrics. Easy to do. Make plain or applique, embroider or heat transfer motif's onto quilt front. (Appliques and heat transfers not included.) These quilts are great for Adults in wheel chairs, as travel blankets in the car, or as TV cuddlers!

Patterns are sold separately for
......$6.95 each,

Or our special 10 Pack for only 55.00! Our Best bargain of all, our special 10 Pack for only $55.00

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