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St. Patrick's Day Recipes, Blessings, Etc.
Updated Dec 1 2004.

These days you can never be too safe. The need to know how to defend yourself is of utmost importance. Martial Arts is one way of learning how to defend yourself.
There are many reasons to learn martial arts, the physical & mental conditioning, weight loss, or just for the fun of it!

Fotheringham Family Home Page

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Infant Patterns including PREEMIE

Check out these links to quick, easy patterns even for beginners!
Fold-To-Fit Diapers
Hooded Bath Towel and Wash Cloths
Patch Work Quilts
Receiving Blankets
Ski Style Hat
Pancakes With Flare Recipe Book
Mistletoe Creations first recipe book! Yes, this is a book that not only has recipes, it gives you the recipe to make your own pancake mix! No need to purchase at the store again! Make up the basic mix and use one of the 52 pancake recipes! We have included the basic pancake recipe for those who want the plain, simple pancake. Also included are our gourmet pancakes! Birthday pancakes, Anniversary pancakes! Even Christmas Morning and other holiday recipes! No more hum-drum, basic pancakes! These pancakes make a meal a happy occasion. Use them for breakfast, lunch, dinner! Select one of 7 toppings for your specialty pancakes!

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