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We continue to have some of the most unusual back yard pets! No matter where we live in the Pacific Northwest, we do not have to worry aobut being alone in the wooded areas. Our most recent pet we call Ed. He is a full grown male turkey. Here are some shots of this bird. We are amused at how beautifully this bird is colored.

"Mr. Ed" stayed his distance more than half the day while he studied us to see if we were friend or foe. Finally he made his appearance, but would run at the first movement or sound from the house. Here he is eatting food we threw out for him. It did not take long for him to gain his confidence in us and trust us to be his friend. He must be about a 30 pounder! Even though we do think of what a great meal he would make, it is impossible for us to consider making him into a meal after feeding him, filming him and gaining our trust in him

More photos to come soon:

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