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We reqret to say Simply Unique is no longer in business.

Due to my husbands ill health, Simply Unique is selling the pattern business.. This is a great opportunity for the right person who wants to make additional money. There is a great need for these patterns and there is potential for great growth. It is with deep regret that I sell this and only due to the fact we are not able to take care of business properly while my husband's health continues to deteriorate. For the small sum of just $7,000, this business will be yours.

These patterns were developed by Vicki Fotheringham with the guidance and direction of the NICU Staff of Deaconness Hospital in Spokane, Washing ton in 1980. These patterns are multi-sized and range from Small Preemie, Preemie, Small Newborn, Newborn, 3 Mo, 6 Mo, 9 Mo, and 12 Month sizes.

There us great potential for expansion and becoming a very solid pattern company. Simply e-mail me if you are truely interested in purchasing.

Vicki Fotheringham of Simply Unique

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Our Permanent e-mail address is: Please e-mail us there if you have any questions.

Wonder Webs are beautifully preserved Spider Webs permanently mounted on rocks. You can feel and see the intricate beauty of one of Natures finest and most delicate wonders.

This is just one of the many Wonder Webs we have made. Although the one you buy could easily be the one pictured, it may be slightly different. Each one is an individual with individual characteristics.

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Thank you and have a "WonderWeb"-ful day!
Vicki Fotheringham

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