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Simply Unique Gifts Contract

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Simply Unique

Simply Unique will consign quality items made by crafters, that meet our quality requirements. Consignments are jurried before we will consider them for placement in our Web Shop. You will need to mail them to us with return postage guaranteed. Once you have had your items jurried and you have been accepted as a consignee, you will need to:

1~ Read, understand and sign a the contract with Simply Unique.

2~ Pay the $30.00 one time fee for our accountant to set up your account as a consignee, and to set up your book and information.

3~ Pay $15.00 a month due on the 1st day of each month. If not paid by the 5th of each month, your page will be disabled until it is paid in full. If you have not paid by the 15th of the month, your page will be removed permanently or until such date you have satisfied the Simply Unique Team. We prefer you to pay via Pay Pal, sending the money to If you pay by check and your check does not clear our bank for any reason whatsoever, you will pay a $40.00 fee, plus any and all additional charges incurred from our bank. Only Pay Pal payments will be accepted thereafter.

4~ Simply Unique will send you commission checks via Pay Pal around the 15th of each month, for merchandise that has sold prior to the 15th of that month.

5~ If your sales do not cover the cost of your rent and commissions, you must pay the amount by the 1st of the month. A $20.00 late fee will be charged if not paid by the 3rd, $25.00 if not paid by the 5th. Also if not paid by the 5th of the month, this automatically requires the $70.00 cancellation fee, and your items will be held until the fee is paid in full. If items are left for 30 days without payment being made, Simply Unique Gifts has the right to sell the items at full or discount price, at our discretion, in order to recover the amount not paid. At this point, your lease will be cancelled, and your space rented to the next person on the waiting list. If you want to consign with us in the future we will require the 6 months lease be paid in cash, in full, up front, before you will be accepted. No checks will be accepted until you have satisfied Simply Unique Gifts accountant that problems will not occur again.

7~ Simply Unique Gifts is not responsible for theft, damage or loss in any manner of items consigned with us. It is your responsibility to take it upon yourself to have your items fully insured before bringing them in.

8~ You will be responsible to bring a detailed sheet listing each item, with complete descriptions, etc.

9~ Simply Unique Gifts is not responsible for loss or damage in any manner.

10~ You may cancel your lease at any time, however, you will be charged a $70.00 cancellation fee if you decide to cancel early. No exceptions to this rule as it takes time and money to get you set up and ready to consign.

11~ For every consignee you send to us who is accepted and consigns for 6 months, and pays all fees on time, Simply Unique Gifts will reward you with one free month on your next lease. If you bring in 6 people who who stay and pay on time, you will have 6 months without rent due! We will be required to charge the 15% consignment fee, however.

12~ The first 15 consignees who pay the set up fee and first 6 months ahead, ($270.00) they will be given 8 months instead of 6. At the end of the consignment period, you will need to renew another 6 month lease.

I have read the contract and understand it fully and agree to comply with all rules and regulations thereof.

Please Print:

Name: ______________________________________________________

Address: _____________________City: _____________ Zip: ____________

Phone: (____) ____________ Alternate Phone (____) __________________

Drivers License: ________________________________________________

Lease from Month of: __________________ To Month of: ________________

Amount paid: Set up fee of $30.00 ( )Cash ( )Check # _______________

First month rent of $45.00 ( )Cash ( )Check # _______________________

Bank Information:
Bank Name ______________________ Phone Number (____) _____________

Address _______________ City ____________ State _______ Zip ________

Emergency Contact person Name: ___________________________________

Address: _____________________City: _____________ Zip: ____________

Phone number __________________ Relationship ______________________

I fully understand these rules and agree to uphold this contract during all times I am a consignee at Simply Unique Gifts.

Signature: (Do not print) __________________________ Date: ___________

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