PREEMIE PATTERNS THAT REALLY FIT!!!! Multi-Sized Patterns For Babies 4-30 pounds!

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Last updated November 28, 2004

Happy Holidays!
It seems impossible that it is nearly time to close our 2004 year already! To help you celebrate we have reduced the price on seven selected patterns by $2.95 each, placing them at only $5.00 each until December 12, 2004!

Hooded bath towels and Wash Cloths
Receiving Blankets
Patch Work Quilts
Sheets for Baby's Bed
Baby Booties
Fold-To-Fit Diapers
Baby Bonnet and Hats

These seven patterns are easy to make and will provide a great way to give gifts to those with small children. Use them as stocking stuffers or for gifts for any time of the year or any occassion!

Hooded bath towels can be made from 100% cotton flannel, 100% cotton knits, or from 100% cotton terry cloth. These are quick and easy to make and with the price of store purchased towels, they make wonderful gifts.

Receiving Blankets are another very quick and easy project to make. Again choose 100% cotton flannel or knits for baby blankets. Good quality blankets are becoming quite expensive to buy and most mothers can use a dozen of them for their children. They are wonderful for toddlers as well. There are two sizes to choose from, 36” square and 45” square. The smaller is great for tiny babies, however by the time baby is about 3 months old the larger size is best. My children used their 45” wide blankets until they literally fell apart! They still want them for themselves to cover up with on the couch in the fall evenings. They want them for their own babies. This size is great for adults in wheel chairs as well. The large size is great for travel and visiting away from home.

Patch Work Quilts are quick and easy to make. If the idea of patch work scares you, give it a try! You will be amazed at how easy these quilts go together. They are so versatile and can be made to fit any theme, any season, any occasion. Make them for girls or boys, teens or adults! You will be pleased with the results and how easy it is for your own imagination to take over and give you the freedom to create your own special look.

All-Around Elastic Sheets for Baby's Bed is a very easy project! Use the formula provided and you will be able to make sheets that fit any size bed in your home! If you are like most of us and shocked at the price of sheets on the market, you need this pattern. Making your own sheets provides you with the ability to choose for yourself the theme, the quality and fabric content. 100% cotton is the best by far for sheets, as cotton feels good against the skin and will not create sweating that leads to rashes and other skin discomforts. Select woven or knit fabrics. The all-around elastic is the secret in keeping the sheets in place on the mattress. Even with overly active babies, these sheets will stay on until it is deliberately removed.

Baby Booties. This pattern is great for babies not walking. The construction of this pattern makes them easy and quick to make. The booties simply stay in place better than most. Again, they are very easy to make and take so little fabric to make them from! Select 100% cotton knits for the booties.

Fold-To-Fit Diapers This is another pattern each mother should have. The diapers are in both Preemie and Normal sizing, allowing you to fit even a 4 pound baby with cloth diapers. Why cloth diapers? 100% Cotton feels good against the skin. Select 100% cotton flannel for baby's diapers. Babies spend 24 hours a day in diapers. The need for good air circulation is of utmost importance for good health of their skin. Disposables contain many chemicals that can create rashes and other skin irritations. Cotton helps prevent these rashes. Flat diapers also make great burping rags, and can be placed across baby's bed so the sheet is not always having to be replaced from drooling or minor spit ups. They can be rolled and placed under baby's shoulder to help keep his or her little head up in the car seat, swing or other areas baby will be sitting more upright.

Baby Bonnet and Hats is another pattern you will not want to be without. Make it simple and plain for boys, or add a ruffle, lace or trims for girls. This little hat or bonnet keeps baby's head warm and protects baby's delicate ears from wind and cold which helps prevent ear aches, colds and sickness. You'll be pleased at how easy and quick they are to make. Make one for each outfit baby wears.

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The staff and family of Mistletoe Creations

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