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There is never a dull moment around our home! While food fights are not common, they are permitted, provided it is nothing that will leave sticky, gooey or unpleasant signs behind. This one was done with bite sized pieces of bread. Easy to clean up, which brings me to another rule, " if you start it, you clean it up, you help make the mess, you help clean it up."
Although we are down to only one child left at home, currently, there was the day when we had 15 living under one roof at one time. That was a challenge.
We are a family that firmly believes in having fun, and doing for ourselves, as long as it is moral, worthy, does not harm another, as well as helps us get to where we are going.
Within the pages of this Web Site, we will answer many of the questions you have. If not, e-mail us and ask! We love to share stories of our family, especially of those who have gone to their Maker on high.
To begin with, the family unit we have a "blended family". A blended family is, it is one where the parents were both married previously and now her kids and his kids are blended into the a marriage, and an all new life. If you think it is a snap to bring a couple together both with children from previous marriages, and stick everyone into one big happy family, you better think again! Although our marriage and blending of the families has turned out just fine, this has been one of the hardest things we ever tackled! But it is well worth it!!! When the barriers were all crossed and the actual blending took place, our marriage and family became one of the most rewarding experiences you can imagine. I would not think of having it any different today. I love my "new children" just as if they were my own birth children! I do not think of them as "step children". They are my children. My husband feels the same with my children, in fact he is now their legal father in every way. He adopted every one he was able to. Those under 18 can be adopted, those 18 and over cannot. Although my oldest 4 were all over the age of 18 and could not be adopted, in my husband's heart they are all adopted. Some just can't take on the Fotheringham name. It is much harder for those who are already married and have children to be able to make a name change as well.
Within the pages of this site, we will be giving some helpful pointers of how to make the best of situations, like, parenting, premature infants, blending of families, earning extra income, favorite recipes, Holiday Helps, just plain funny, real-life stories, and other things to help you to see who and what we are. We love life as we have it. No matter what obstacle is thrown before us, we plan to make the best of it. We love lemonade, so when life throws us the lemons, we know what to do with them, and enjoy the outcome! We trust that you will find something of interest and value to you. If you don't see something listed in this paragraph within the pages of our Site, please understand we are putting this together a little at a time, between normal household duties, home schooling, running a business from our home, and trying to learn and understand the computer, the Internet, the Web, and ourselves, we keep pretty busy! I ran into an elderly man once in the ISP office. He was trying to figure out why he could get messages out, but could not get them in. He made this statement, "Here I am, a retired psychiatrist and by the time I get this e-mail figured out, I am going to need a psychiatrist, for myself!" By the time you are finished reading about us, you may feel we are in need of a psychiatrist now.

We are crazy, but just crazy enough to enjoy life and to enjoy what we do! We sincerely hope you find your life exciting and you enjoy your life too!

If it isn't food fights, contests to see who can make another jump and scream as they open a door to an unsuspected face in thiers, or tickling contests, there are many other ways we keep ourselves amused. Scroll down to check out our many links to see what we are all about!

Updating this page (Dec 1, 2004) brings some big changes in our family. Our youngest is now just about to turn 14 years old. (And I remember thinking when my oldest sister turned 20, she was terribly old! All the older children are married and raising families of their own. We have 20 grandchildren. It is a pleasure to have these active, bright and beautiful young people in our lives. To date they range from ages 6 months to 10 years old.

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